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How It Works

What is the definition of a WIN-WIN situation? The ability to change the lives of your friends, family, co workers AND make some extra money!

Whether you're just a caring friend who wants to spread the word about a weight loss program that really works or have some ideas on how to plug this in to a large-scale network, our easy-to-use affiliate program is truly a WIN-WIN for everyone.

It's easy to get started.

Just sign up to have an affiliate partner account. Once you are signed up, you will be given your own dedicated email link to use to refer family and friends to the program. You can post the link on your facebook page or include it in emails that you send out. This link is yours and yours alone. When one of your referrals clicks on the link you have given them, their IP address is "cookied" for life, and should they order now or return to the site at anytime in the future to sign up ( for a new client package, individual bottles of drops, or coaching packages) you are given the credit.

We are offering YOU $10 for ever new client sale regardless of what they order! We will also be offering a discount coupon you can share with your friends of 10% off new client packages, coaching packages, and individual drop orders.

You will be able to track your referrals and see who has ordered through the affiliate program back end at anytime. Your commission checks will be mailed on the 15th of each month/ or the money can be deposited directly into your paypal account.

Commisions are only paid out on the first time the referral orders through the site.

Other affiliate partner features will coming soon (downloadable banners, text links, marketing material support, and even the ability to create your own landing page) but for right now, lets get going with the referral link you can use right away.

I am very excited to share my business with you and look forward to the win-win that this will bring for everyone involved.

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