What is the HCG Plus Diet

Homeopathic HCG is a naturally occuring weight loss hormone that signals the body to burn more fat. The HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) draws fat stores from areas of the body that do not need extra fat. It triggers the hypothalamus to release and mobilize stored fat and preserve needed muscle tissue. Because it is a natural substance, there are no harmful side effects or dependencies. With your metabolism operating 30% more effectively, the weight comes off quickly and you lose inches as well as pounds. By following the diet protocol, you will see results within 24 hours and continue losing for the duration of the plan.

Our HCG is 100% homeopathic and safe. It is taken in very small doses, just enough to kick in the substance as a powerful weight loss aid.

When a woman is newly pregnant her HCG levels surge for about 8 weeks in early pregnancy… if she is eating plenty of calories the HCG does nothing. If she is in caloric deprivation ( like most humans were hundreds of years ago… that's why we produce it) the HCG will go to her fat reserves, burn unneeded fat, and send it to the mother for extra fuel and energy. That's why this diet works...you can be on a low calorie diet and feel great.

Both women and men do this diet and they have ZERO side affects. Its completely safe and best of all, yields FAST results!

The HCG protocol begins with Phase One ( only last for one day) , followed by Phase two (Lasts from 10 days to 40 days) of a very low calorie diet. The HCG drops ensure that your body is utilizing the mobilized fat stores and it keeps you from feeling hungry or depleted. The protocol is followed by a planned maintenance program that ensures you do not gain the weight back! By reintroducing starches and sugars into the diet slowly, the weight loss is maintained. If more weight loss is desired another round can begin until the goal weight is achieved. You will not be disappointed with this diet plan. Our HCG Plus is formulated with added vitamins and minerals that, are essential for healthy weight loss. We love helping people lose weight and thousands of satisfied clients say it better than we do:

Forget yo-yo diets that leave you heavier than when you started. Forget feeling like a failure when the weight doesn’t come off. This diet works for everyone, every time, all the time. HCG Plus is the last diet you will ever do. The reward is a new you and a long-lasting solution.

The HCG Diet works because of how humans have evolved.

Think about how the human diet has changed in the last few thousand years. People used to eat only when hungry, and food was natural and unrefined. There was a mixture of protein, vegetables and fruits that were eaten in season. Sugar was rare and eaten only as fruit. The human digestive track is built for continually nibbling and eating small amounts. Eating three large meals a day with processed food and an abundance of refined sugar and carbohydrates has only been part of the human experience for the last few decades and it correlates with the obesity epidemic that is occurring in all industrialized nations.

In the human body, there are 3 kinds of fat:

1. Structural fat. This good fat fills the gaps between organs, and acts as a safety cushion for them. It also protects the arteries and keeps skin smooth and tight.

2. Reserve fat.This is a normal reserve of fuel, used when you are not able to eat enough. These first 2 kinds of fat are normal, and even if your body holds on to this fat, it will not lead to obesity.

3. Abnormal fat. This fat is occurs when excess calories are not used and the body stores it as adipose tissue (fat cells). It is not readily available for the body to use and this fat causes obesity. Abnormal fat is deposited around the belly, hips, thighs, and upper arms. This abnormal fat also surrounds internal organs and puts a strain on cellular function. When an obese person tries to lose weight by typical dieting, the body will first burn Reserve fat, followed next by Structural fat. Only then will the body start to metabolize the abnormal fat, but by that time, most people are too weak and frustrated, and the diet fails.

The answer to return to healthy weight is HCG Plus
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin circulates through pregnant women in large quantities. This unlocks the abnormal fat deposits and makes that energy available to the body. It only makes sense that a pregnant woman should have the use of additional food storage in her body because the body is compensating for the additional needs of the fetus. It works the same in non-pregnant people ( and even men.) The hormone HCG allows access to these abnormal fat deposits, and frees that energy for use in your body. Now imagine that you eat a smaller amount of food everyday, and most of the calories you are burning come from your fat deposits. That is the idea behind the HCG diet.